Association of Asian Indian Women in America

Asian Indian Women in America (AIWA), Inc., is the first, national, not-for-profit South Asian women’s organization, formed in the United States. 

Since its inception on August 15, 1980, in New York, AIWA focused on articulating and promoting concerns of women in North America. 

AAIWA has worked extensively in areas such as employment, career and leadership development, cultural acculturation, integration, health, education and general welfare. 

AAIWA has provided charitable assistance and developed referral services. 

We have done extensive outreach and speaking at various community and academic panels to address issues on political, civic, social, economic, cultural and religious fronts to develop a vibrant American community.

Currently AAIWA is re-organizing its operations.

President: Anju Bhargava

Treasurer: Kamla Motihar

Secretary: Neeru Bhambri

Sudha Acharya

Gita Bhatt

Shila Buschi

Rohini Ramanathan

Gunjan Rastogi

Uma Shah