Highlights of Key Activities

Community Building

*        Community Service/Voluntarism

*        Dialogue:  American and Indian Values

*        Multiple Identities: Exploring Coalition Building in the Asian American Communities

*        Social and Political Contributions: Leadership into the 21st century

*        Indian Women Through The Ages: From Ancient Times To Present”.

*        Guest speaker on national/international TV to discuss South Asian Diaspora issues.


Financial and Career Development

*        Held the first Job Fair for the Indian Community with the City of New York.

*        Provided counseling to immigrants on job searching techniques.

*        Hosted cable TV show, “Making it in Corporate America.

*        Organized workshops on “Small Business Opportunities for Minorities”.

*        Hosted discussions and workshops on investments and financial planning for individuals.

*        Developed the first professional networking and learning platform in the New York area,  “Forum for South Asians in Corporate America.


 Service Programs For Women In Transition

*        Developed ways to assist South Asian Women facing domestic violence
          (example: strategies to provide micro-loans to rehabilitate women, service referral directory).

*        Supported women managing life changes (teenage, marriage, divorce, single parents, widowhood).


*        The first White House Briefing for Asian Pacific American Women.

*        Coalition Building and South Asians – CAPAL

*        Asians and Grass Root Politic and Diaspora

*        Building and Strengthening the Pan Asian and the Pacific Islander American Community.

*        Explorations in Identity - Indian Americans and Asian American political identities


Family And Gender Dialogues

*        Sita Symposium, “Transnational Sitas - Immigrant Mothers and Second Generation”

*        "Evolution of the Asian Indian Family in the US"

*        Leadership Through Partnership: A Gender Dialogue

*        Family and Universal Values in the Upcoming Century

*        Interfaith dialogues and services.


Cultural Activities

*        Promoted development of folk and classical arts.

*        Staged plays on Indian themes.

International Conferences

*        Global Conference in Beijing.

*        Women’s conferences in India.


Leadership Development:

*       Hosted a leadership symposium South Asian American Women with Asia Society.

*       Participated in the Task force on Senior Citizens:  National Federation of Indian Association

*       Strategies/program formulation team member of the national Asian Institute of Domestic Violence