Invitation Letter for Conversation with Tina Tchen

Dear friend:  

I signed up for the historic teleconference at 6 p.m. on October 20, 2010 organized by Asian Indian Women in America.  Have you?  Sign up as I did, and converse with Tina Tchen, Executive Director of White House Council on Women and Girls.  Learn from Tina as she shares with us the key issues being addressed.  Click here to register and tell her your concerns, get involved and be empowered about issues facing women and girls.


Tina is-a role model for women and children.  Years ago, Tina worked with the Indian American community at Chicago Foundation for Women and Asian Advisory Council.  She brought together, all committed people and encouraged them to play a role in formulating policies, which would make people in all walks of life become aware of their rights and services.


Read Tina’s reflections on the Fortune’s Most Powerful Women’s Summit Minute Mentoring Session and the President’s Keynote Address. Read about the White House and Department of State’s commitments to further eliminate discrimination against women.


Many have signed up to learn and get an update of the most recent trends and strategies being formulated to include women in all policy matters.  
Yes we are from the country where a prime minister was elected long before other women took the highest executive’s position around the world.  Sign yourself up to listen, learn and participate.  That is what our mothers and grandmothers wanted and we want of our daughters and grand daughters. Learn about the issues in the U.S.  Be courageous and be motivated to bring strength (Shakti) in us and for others.


This teleconference has very special meaning for our community as it is the first time, the Indian American community will hear about the work of the President’s Council of Women and Girls. 


Come and learn. Create a communication chain and invite all to join in the call and continue to discuss it after the event.


Click here to register and empower yourself to understand the issues and challenges facing Women and Girls in America.


Thank you,


Anju Bhargava

President, Asian Indian Women in America